Study 28 Presentation 

The Story also talks about five movements that take part in God’s Story: 

Movement 1: The Story of the Garden (Genesis 1-11) 

Movement 2: The Story of Israel (Genesis 12 – Malachi) 

Movement 3: The Story of Jesus (Matthew – John) 

Movement 4: The Story of the Church (Acts – Jude) 

Movement 5: The Story of a New Garden (Revelation)

New Beginnings 


Jesus to Apostles 

Hiding to Boldness 

Israel to Church 

Jew to Gentile 

Judaism to Christianity 

Old Testament God to New Testament God? 

Holy Spirit 

Trinity – Three persons, fully God 

Great Commission – baptize in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit 

Present at creation 

Active in the Old Testament 

Present at Jesus’ baptism 

Analogies: Apple, Egg, Water 

Church – Calls, gathers, enlightens, and sanctifies 

Indwelling – bodies are the living temple of God 

Deposit of our salvation 

Sanctifies – makes us holy – sinless, set apart, transforms us into the likeness of Jesus 

Fruit of the Spirit 

Helper – Greek “paraclete” – one who walks along side 

Remind us of what Jesus taught 

Teach us the hidden things of God 

Advocate – prays on our behalf 

Guide – gifts us and moves us to action 


Timeless Truth: He is Risen, Spread the News 


40 Days – after Easter 

Appearances to the disciples 

Mount of Olives – Garden of Gethsemane – outside of Jerusalem 

Jerusalem and Holy Spirit – stay and wait 

Disciples – restore the kingdom to Israel 

Witnesses – Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, world 

Ascends – into clouds 

Angels’ message – Jesus will return 


Harvest festival – one of the three main festivals, pilgrims from all of Israel and the world 

House – temple enclosure

Holy Spirit 

Violent wind – from heaven 

Speaking in tongues 

Tongues of fire 

Peter’s speech – people are cut to the heart – Holy Spirit at work – Repent and be baptized 

3000 conversions 


Apostles’ teaching 


Breaking of bread 


Holy Spirit – wonders and signs 

Needs – identified, share resources 

Relationships – people gathering together 

Large groups – temple courts 

Small groups – homes 

Conflict – with Jewish leaders 

Healing – man born lame, people amazed 

Peter – glory to God, message of salvation through Jesus 


Believer’s number grows to 5000 

Sanhedrin – same group that had judged Jesus 

Peter’s speech – power of the Holy Spirit 


Astonished by disciples level of learning 

Threats – must obey God rather than man

Fear – numbers grow, people afraid to join The Way, bring sick for the shadow of Peter 

Arrest – Peter and John 

Released by an angel 

Return to the temple to preach 

Brought nicely back to Sanhedrin 

Must obey God rather than man 

Gamaliel – teacher of Paul and others, greatly respected 

“Consider carefully what you intend to do” 

Other messiahs 

Tolerance – let God decide 

Flogged – apostles rejoice 


12 Deacons – complaints, oversee distribution of food to the widows, Greek and Jewish 

Stephen – Holy Spirit, great wonders and signs, defends the faith, Greek-speaking Jew 

Arrested – brought before Sanhedrin 

Stephen’s speech 

Stoned – Jewish capital punishment, done without Roman approval 

Vision of heaven 

Saul – witnesses, gives approval 





Preaching and miracles 



Vision – of Jesus 

Blindness – three day fasting and praying 


Preaching – powerful preaching – Holy Spirit and high level of learning 

Conspiracy – kill him 


Barnabus – Joseph the “Son of Encouragement” takes a chance on Saul, brings him to 

the Apostles 


Time of peace 


Cornelius – centurion, influential legion, God-fearing, friend of the Jews – difficult balance for a soldier 

Angelic visit – send for Simon (Peter) – use of his Hebrew name 

Peter’s vision – unclean food, three times 

Visit – home of Cornelius – no favoritism, all are invited 

Persecution Renewed 

Herod – Agrippa I, grandson of Herod the Great, wishes to please the Jews 

James killed – brother of John, Israelite descent, by the sword 

Peter imprisoned 

Released by an angel 

Peter thinks it is a vision 

Rhoda overjoyed – forgets to let Peter in 

Disciples – think he might be dead and Rhoda has seen his angel 

James – tell James and the others; brother of Jesus 

Herod’s Death – punished by God, dies 

First Missionary Journey 

Barnabus and Saul – with John Mark, Barnabus leading 

Saul to Paul – Sergius Paulus, first convert 

Paul and Barnabus 


Jesus is alive 

Jesus will return 

Holy Spirit dwells in us – living temples 

God desires the church to grow – relationships within and outside 

The church is important – established by God, everyone needs to be welcome 

Variety of gatherings – large gatherings and small gatherings 

Persecution is inevitable – apostles rejoiced in suffering 

God is greater than all obstacles – “if God is for us, who can be against us?”