Study 23 Presentation 

The Story also talks about five movements that take part in God’s Story: 

Movement 1: The Story of the Garden (Genesis 1-11) 

Movement 2: The Story of Israel (Genesis 12 – Malachi) 

Movement 3: The Story of Jesus (Matthew – John) 

Movement 4: The Story of the Church (Acts – Jude) 

Movement 5: The Story of a New Garden (Revelation) 

Jesus’ Ministry Begins 

What should a Messiah look like? 

Messianic fever (Acts 5:34-40) – many Messiahs had appeared 

John the Baptist 

Looks like a Messiah – prophet appearance; out of the wilderness; popular 


Looks ordinary 

John T B – That’s Him – the Lamb of God 

JTB – Are you the one? 

Upper Story vs Lower Story 

Confusing the two stories 

Intersect – places where our Lower Story merges with the Upper Story 

Divide – places where our Lower Story might seem inconsistent with the Upper Story 

Heaven – where the two stories merge forever 

This world is sinful – sometimes life is unfair 

Heaven is perfect – our Lower Story merge perfectly with God’s Upper Story 

“How often do people turn to Lord for what He can do for them in the Lower Story circumstances of life rather than turn to Him simply because of Who He is. We need to be cautious in our dealings with people and our testimonies that we do not try to sell the Lower Story benefits of Jesus as promises. We trust Him because His redemptive work on our behalf is complete and sufficient for our Upper Story redemption regardless of whether or not our Lower Story circumstances are ever changed. In the Lower Story, we trust Him because He can heal but He does not promise He always will heal.” 

Timeless Truth: Jesus is the Messiah You’d Never Expect 

John the Baptist 

Wilderness of Judea – around the Jordan River 

Repent – for the kingdom of heaven has come near 

Appearance – camel’s hair cloak and a belt 

Diet – locusts and wild honey 

Popular – people from Jerusalem, Judea, Jordan region 

Baptism – of repentance; common to Jewish law 

Messiah Commissioned 

Baptized by John – recognized by John; heavens opened; Father speaks, Spirit as dove 

Temptation – led into the wilderness 

Fasting and praying – 40 days, physically at his weakest 

Three temptations (Luke 4 order) – since you are the Son of God 

Your needs – hungry, make yourself some food – take care of yourself first 

Your kingdom – all the kingdoms of the world; redeem them through me 

Worship me – worship implies service 

Your mission – make them believe in You – power, not sacrifice – abandon the cross 

Satan quotes scripture – Satan knows what the Bible says, just 

doesn’t put faith in those words or the One who gave them 

Resistance – Jesus quotes scripture; faith, not power 

Messiah Revealed 

Witness of John 

One will come after me 

Behold the Lamb of God 

First Disciples 

Andrew (and John) – disciples of John; spend time with Jesus 

Fishing partners and fellow disciples 

Andrew and Peter – invites his brother 

Simon to Cephas (Peter) 

Philip and Nathaniel 

Philip – also from Bethsaida like Andrew and Peter 

Nathaniel – can anything good come from Nazareth? true Israelite 

First Miracle – wedding at Cana 

Mother’s expectation 

Disciples amazed 

Messiah Presented 

Calling of the Twelve – full-time ministry 

Teaching – hard to ignore or not to have an opinion about Jesus 

Acceptance – popular with the people 

Opposition – Jewish leaders 

Curiosity – undecided majority 

Nicodemus – more information; purpose of the Messiah – salvation 

Jews and Gentiles 

Samaria – mixed breed people left behind by the Assyrians 

Woman at the Well – not named; Jesus’ love for the unloved 


Power over demons 

Messianic secret – demons knew; silence command 

Power over sickness – leprosy 

Clean vs unclean 

Power over handicaps – paralyzed man 

Sign of forgiveness 

Message of Love – forgiveness offered 

Tax collectors and sinners – marginalized of society 

Sabbath laws – love is greater than the law – fulfillment 

Disciples – empowered for the mission 

The Twelve 

The 72 

The Women 

The Church 


Unlikely Messiah 


God’s Love 

God’s Power 

God’s Mission 

Unlikely Disciples