Study 13 Presentation 

The Story also talks about five movements that take part in God’s Story: 

Movement 1: The Story of the Garden (Genesis 1-11) 

Movement 2: The Story of Israel (Genesis 12 – Malachi) 

Movement 3: The Story of Jesus (Matthew – John) 

Movement 4: The Story of the Church (Acts – Jude) 

Movement 5: The Story of a New Garden (Revelation) 

The King Who Had It All 

King Solomon is widely known for two things: 


Building the Temple 

The Temple was one of the most magnificent buildings in the Ancient World – very little evidence of it today 

Even the newer temple built by Herod the Great – only the Wailing Wall and archeology left today 

The truths found in the wisdom literature from Solomon’s time continues to be true today 

• Recognize that wisdom literature is based on observation – occurrences that can be seen in this world – very practical but still sometimes falls short if viewed without the completion of the story in Jesus – earthly success does not always follow faithfulness – see the suffering of Jesus and the prophets from the Old Testament 

• Job – anti-wisdom literature – sometimes the faithful suffer 

Proverbs 1:7 (ESV) 

7 The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge; fools despise wisdom and instruction. 

Timeless Truth: Complete Your Walk – Finish Faithful 

I. David 

A. Old age 

1. Abishag 

B. No successor 

1. Adonijah 

2. Solomon – Nathan sends Bathsheba to David to remind him 

II. Solomon – about 20 when he began his reign; reigned 40 years 

A. David’s charge 

1. Be Strong and Wise 

2. Obey God’s commands 

3. Settle accounts 

B. Pharaoh’s daughter 

1. Alliance with Egypt – mutually beneficial 

C. Dream 

1. Sacrifices at Gibeon 

2. Request 

a) Wisdom – beyond others 

b) Wealth and honor 

c) Long life and peace – if you obey 

III. Wisdom 

A. Two prostitutes 

1. Divide the living child 

B. Accomplishments 

1. Wiser than others – a few men of reputation are listed 

2. Proverbs – 3000 

3. Songs – 1005 

4. Studied plants and animals 

C. Written Record 

1. Proverbs – insight into living a God-pleasing life 

2. Ecclesiastes – reflections after a long life 

3. Song of Solomon or Song of Songs – love song of Solomon and a young lady that also points to the love between God and His people 

IV. Builder 

A. Temple 

1. Huge project 

2. Huge dedication 

3. God’s presence – with His people 

4. Solomon’s prayer 

B. Architecture 

1. His own palace 

2. Pharaoh’s daughter 

3. Other palaces – many wives 

4. Other buildings 

V. Fame 

A. Queen of Sheba 

B. Lavish lifestyle 

C. Riches 

D. International acclaim 

E. Chariots, stables, servants – all the warnings given by Samuel 

1. High taxes 

F. Wives and Concubines – 700 wives (princesses), 300 concubines 

1. Idolatry 

VI. Punishment 

A. Message from God – tear the kingdom from you 

B. Adversaries – Hadad the Edomite; Rezon of Syria 

C. Jereboam – from Ephraim, Solomon’s official, chosen by God; fled to Egypt 

VII. Finishing Well 

A. Unfaithfulness 

B. Ecclesiastes 

1. Meaninglessness of the world 

2. Meaning in serving God and enjoying what you have 

a) Observations “under the sun” 

b) Didn’t know about Jesus 

VIII. Applications 

A. Be strong in the Lord – leaders lead; someone is always watching 

B. Obey God’s commands – our lives are better when we are faithful to God 

C. Seek wisdom – knowledge in action; example of Jesus 

D. Enjoy life – be content with what God has given you 

E. Meaninglessness of the world – don’t get too caught up in yourself and what you have; it isn’t going to last and you can’t take it with you 

F. Finish well – be faithful to God 

Ecclesiastes 12:13-14 (ESV) 

13 The end of the matter; all has been heard. Fear God and keep his commandments, for this is the whole duty of man. 

14 For God will bring every deed into judgment, with every secret thing, whether good or evil.