Session 9 Discussion Guide 

1. As you read chapter 9 of The Story, what were some of the losses that Naomi and Ruth faced and how did they each respond to them? 

2. Naomi was a person of faith, but she also questioned God and was deeply honest about her struggles (Ruth 1:19-21; The Story, p. 122). In what ways did Naomi’s losses impact how she viewed God and His working in her life? 

3. Boaz was a man of amazing character and wisdom (Ruth 2-3; The Story, p. 123-126). What can we learn from the way that Boaz interacted with his workers, including Ruth? 

4. Throughout chapter 9 of The Story we get glimpses into Ruth’s character as well. What are some of the exemplary aspects of her heart, attitudes, and behaviors? 

5. How might Ruth be a role model for people today? 

6. Near the end of chapter 9 of The Story (Ruth 4:1-10), Boaz offers another family member the opportunity to pay for and redeem the land of Naomi’s dead husband and sons. When this other family member realizes it will cost more than he will gain, he declines. At this point, Boaz pays for all the property and allows the name of Elimelech (Naomi’s husband) to be remembered. Give examples of things God calls Christians to do that cost us a great deal and do not pay off much (in this life or in the eyes of the world). 

7. How did Jesus’ life model service and sacrifice for people who really had nothing with which to pay Him back? 

8. 1 John 4:19 says, “We love because He first loved us.” We can’t truly repay God but our acts of service can show the love that God has shown to us. What are some things we can do to demonstrate God’s love? 

9. When you think of how Naomi’s life went from Naomi (“beautiful”) to Mara (“bitter”) and back to Naomi, what are some of the ways that God extended grace to this faithful woman? 

10.What are some things we can do to encourage others who are going through challenging times in their lives?