Session 8 Discussion Guide 

1. Through The Story we have discovered that God loves to use surprising people to accomplish His will. As you read about Deborah, Gideon, and Samson, how is each of them a surprising choice to be a leader for God? 

2. Contrast how God saw Gideon with how Gideon saw himself (Judges 6:11- 16; The Story, p. 108). How does this breathe hope into our hearts in the moments we feel God could never do great things through us? 

3. In the continual cycle that occurs in the time of the Judges, God’s people kept embracing the sins, religion, and behaviors of those who lived in the land before they conquered it. In what ways do Christians today embrace the sin, practices, and culture of our day and end up sinning and feeling distant from God? 

4. How can we identify the temptation to be conformed to this world’s sinful ways and avoid this pitfall? 

5. One of the recurring themes in this chapter of The Story is that a new generation would come that did not know God and what He had done for His people in the past. What are some practical things that we can do in our homes and in our church to know God now, to remember what He has done in the past, and to follow Him in the future? 

6. There seem to be consequences when we refuse to follow God’s way. Why do you think we continue to repeat the same sin patterns even though we know the outcome will not be good? 

7. How did God strengthen Gideon and help him press through his fears when he was facing the mighty armies of Midian and does God do this same thing today when we feel inadequate and fearful? 

8. How does Samson’s story encourage us when the weakness of our sinful nature leads us away from God? 

9. What are some ways that God strengthens us when we are facing difficult challenges and leads us into places where we must totally rely upon His strength?