Session 7 Discussion Guide 

1. What does God call His people to do as they prepared to enter the Promised Land (Joshua 1:1-11; The Story, pp. 89-90)?

2. Randy Frazee said, “Committees seldom make courageous decisions.” What are the advantages and disadvantages of following bold leaders when we need to move forward quickly and with courage? 

3. Just like the people of Israel, we sometimes are fearful of challenges and don’t want to deal with them. What can we do when we are faced with challenges that seem too large to handle? 

4. Joshua was encouraged to stay close to God’s Law and commands. How does the Bible help us to remain strong and courageous? 

5. What are some ways we can encourage one another to faithfully study God’s Word and put it in practice in our lives? 

6. Joshua read the words of God’s Story to all the people: children, teens, and adults. What are some ways that we can help all generations in our congregation to grow in their knowledge of and love for God’s Word? 

7. Chapter 7 of The Story teaches us that we should always talk to God to make sure we are following Him rather than heading off on our own. Why is it so important to pray, listen to God, and follow His leading when we make life decisions? 

8. Christians living in a world that often flows so strongly against the desires and heart of God are often identified as followers of God by the way that we live. Name some attitudes and actions that show the world we are followers of Jesus?