Session 6 Discussion Guide 

1. Describe some of the ways God might recalculate our life direction and get back on track when we are wandering. 

2. All through this chapter of The Story God disciplines His people (sometimes quite strongly) to get them back on course. What are the advantages of being disciplined by one who loves us and wants the best for us? 

3. Randy Frazee mentioned that there are no less than 10 outbreaks of “juvenile behavior” by the people of Israel during their desert wanderings. How are Christians today sometimes like this – complaining, grumbling, and rebelling against God’s leading and plan? 

4. Ten of the men who spied out the land let their minds and eyes focus on the obstacles (Numbers 13:26-33; The Story, p. 75). What are ways we can be frozen by fear and fixate on the obstacles rather than the God who can help us overcome them? 

5. What qualities do you see in Joshua and Caleb that helped them focus on God rather than the obstacles? 

6. How have you seen the sins of one generation poison and damage those who came after them? Conversely, how have you seen good choices and spiritual maturity be passed on as a blessing to the next generation? 

7. What are some things we can do to pass on a healthy and positive legacy to the next generation? 

8. What will help us recognize when God is speaking to us and will help us respond more quickly to where the Lord is seeking to lead us?