Session 4 Discussion Guide 

1. Has there been a time when God has shown up in your Lower Story and revealed Himself or guided you in some surprising way? 

2. God is dramatically active in the deliverance of His people. Look at Exodus 3:1-10 or The Story, pages 45-46. What do you learn about God in the following areas: 

a. What did God see, hear, and feel? 

b. What did God say He would do? 

c. What did God call Moses to do? 

3. Look at Exodus 4:10-12 or The Story, pages 46-47. How did Moses see himself and how did God see him? 

4. Can you think of examples of people who didn’t see themselves as important but God’s perspective saw them as important and used them in mighty ways? 

5. What can we do to increase our ability to see ourselves and others through God’s eyes? 

6. What is one area of your life where you tend to focus more on your limitations than on God’s ability to work through you? What would help you to overcome your hesitancy to be used by God? 

7. God was, is, and always will be. He calls Himself, “I Am”, the self-existent one. How can embracing the reality that the eternal God that we worship as the “I Am” help you face the challenging moments of a typical day? 

8. How is the Passover story (Exodus 12:1-24; The Story pages 51-52) an ancient sign pointing to Jesus?