Session 31 Discussion Guide 

1. Tell about the ending of one of your favorite books or movies. Why do you like the ending? 

2. John paints an amazing picture of Jesus (Revelation 1; The Story, pp. 459- 461). According to this portrait, who is Jesus and what has He done? 

3. The book of Revelation includes short letters written to seven churches in the ancient world. What did Jesus’ letter to the church in Ephesus (Revelation 2:1-7; The Story, p. 461) say regarding the following: 

a. What they were doing well 

b. Where they needed to grow or change 

c. What action they should take 

4. In His letter to the church in Laodicia (Revelation 3:14-21; The Story, p. 462) Jesus told the people He did not want them to be “lukewarm.” What does it look like when the church becomes lukewarm and what can we do to make sure our church stays hot for God? 

5. In John’s vision, he got glimpses of heavenly worship (Revelation 4-5; The Story, pp. 463-465). What do these scenes teach us about worship and how might this shape the way we engage and enter into praise of our God? 

6. John offered us a vision of what heaven will be like (Revelation 21:1-22:5; The Story, pp. 467-469). What elements of this vision make you excited to spend eternity in this glorious place? 

7. The end of The Story is this: God will dwell with His people again. That has been God’s goal from chapter 1 to chapter 31 of The Story. This life is really a time to practice for heaven. What can be done on a daily basis to stay close to God and have a dynamic friendship with Him?