Session 30 Discussion Guide 

1. What do you think is your legacy? How would you like people to describe you after you are gone? 

2. Randy told a wonderful little story about a sculptor chiseling away everything that did not look like a lion. What are some ways that God has sculpted you? 

3. While under house arrest in Rome, Paul wrote a letter (an epistle) to the believers in Ephesus. In the letter, he lifted up a beautiful, powerful prayer (Ephesians 1:16-23; The Story, p. 453). What does Paul pray for on behalf of the Ephesian Christians? What does that teach us about how we should pray? 

4. What “before Jesus” and “after Jesus” pictures did Paul paint of the Ephesian believers (Ephesians 2; The Story, pp. 453-454)? 

5. God cares greatly about unity among Christians. The Apostle Paul gave several examples of our call to oneness (Ephesians 4:4-6; The Story, p. 455). What examples did Paul use and how can our unity around these examples (the “ones”) strengthen the church and become a witness to the world? 

6. Faith lived out within the family is another great concern to God. What is one practical lesson you learned from Paul’s teaching on family relationships (Ephesians 5:21-6:4; The Story, p. 455) and how might you live out that truth on a regular basis? 

7. Beyond our immediate family, we have a larger Christian family. Just as Paul was a spiritual father to Timothy, we too can have relationships like this in the family of God. Share about someone who had a strong impact on your faith. Consider if there is someone that God is leading you to impact in their Christian faith. 

8. Paul celebrated the fact that Timothy had known the Scriptures from his youngest days because of a rich spiritual heritage of faith in his birth family. How can we make our homes a place of spiritual growth and health?