Session 27 Discussion Guide 

1. Some of the best movies lead you toward an ending but then there is a twist and the ending is something that you didn’t expect. Share a movie or a television show where the ending had a twist that caught you by surprise. 

2. Death sometimes catches us by surprise and interrupts our lives. How do people deal with death, whether a sudden death that surprises us or an expected death due to a physical condition? 

3. Mary stood outside the empty tomb weeping … until Jesus revealed Himself to her (John 20:10-18; The Story, pp. 383-384). What do we learn about Jesus in the way that He dealt with Mary? 

4. On the road to Emmaus the resurrected Jesus taught two men the truth of the Old Testament Scriptures (Luke 24:13-49; The Story, pp. 384-386). How does understanding the first part of The Story (the Old Testament) help us to understand the rest of The Story (the New Testament)? 

5. Thomas was not willing to believe Jesus was alive until he saw Jesus with his own eyes (John 20:24-29; The Story, p. 386). When Jesus revealed Himself to Thomas, how did Jesus seek to meet Thomas right where he was and help him move toward faith? 

6. The risen Jesus met the disciples while they were out fishing (John 21:1-19; The Story, pp. 386-388). How did Peter respond when he realized it was Jesus? 

7. What did Jesus do to restore Peter and set him back on course to live a life of service? 

8. Before Jesus ascended back to the Upper Story of heaven, He called His followers to specific tasks (Matthew 28:16-20; The Story, p. 388). What did Jesus call them (and us) to do and what should that mission look like for us today? 

9. How does Jesus’ resurrection and the assurance of our own resurrection bring us hope and strength in tough times?