Session 26 Discussion Guide 

1. As Jesus prepared for the Passover meal (a time laden with imagery of sacrificed lambs and shed blood) He did not stop teaching and showing His followers how to live (John 13:1-17; The Story, pp. 367-368). Describe the act of service Jesus offered His disciples (including Judas) and how they responded. 

2. How does our willingness to serve reveal Jesus’ presence in our life and in the world? 

3. Jesus was emphatically clear that He is the only way back to a restored relationship with the Father, the only path to heaven (John 14:6; The Story, p. 370). How do some people (even Christians) struggle with this exclusive claim of Jesus? 

4. Right before His arrest, Jesus took three of His friends and went to a garden to pray (Matthew 26:36-46; The Story, pp. 372-373). What do you learn about the love and power of God, contrasted with the weakness and need of people, as you read this account? 

5. The religious leaders and the political leaders joined in a twisted tale of abuse and rejection (Matthew 26:57-67; 27:1-10; John 18:28-19:16; The Story, pp. 374-377). How did they treat Jesus and how did He respond? 

6. Peter, one of Jesus’ closest friends, vigorously denied three times that he even knew the Lord – even as Jesus watched on (Luke 22:54-62; The Story, p. 375). How must this have felt to Jesus? 

7. What are ways we deny Jesus and act like we don’t know Him? 

8. What do you learn about the heart of Jesus as He hung on the cross (Luke 23:32-43; John 19:25-27; The Story, pp. 378-379), interacting with those who crucified Him, the thief who reached out to Him, and His own mother? 

9. One of the briefest, most powerful statements in all of The Story is when Jesus said, “It is finished.” From a Lower Story perspective, what must people have thought when Jesus spoke these words? From an Upper Story spiritual reality, what was Jesus declaring and what does this mean for us? 

10. Hebrews 10:19-22, the passage Randy read in the DVD segment, points out three things that happen when we enter a friendship with Jesus. How have you experienced (or how are you experiencing) one of these in your life:

 • We can draw near God with absolute confidence

 • We no longer have a guilty conscience 

• We live with a sense of being cleansed and pure