Session 25 Discussion Guide 

1. If you were to survey 100 people, what are some of the responses you would get to the question, “Who is Jesus?” 

2. In an encounter with Peter, Jesus gave the Son of Man’s job description (Mark 8:31-33; The Story, p. 353). What things did Jesus say He would do and how did Peter respond? 

3. Jesus’ response to Peter was very strong! What had Peter done wrong and how was Jesus’ response an act of love? 

4. Jesus told His followers they would do four things as they walked with Him day by day: 1) deny self, 2)take up his “cross”, 3) follow Jesus, and 4) be willing to lay down their lives for Him and the gospel. What does it look like in our lives to do these four things? 

5. God the Father declared who Jesus is and what we are called to do in response (Matthew 17:5; The Story, p. 354). What do the Father’s words mean to us as we follow Jesus? 

6. As Jesus interacted with some of the religious elite He declared, “Before Abraham was born, I am!” (John 8:58; The Story, p. 358). What was Jesus claiming and why did this upset the religious leaders so much that they wanted to kill Him? 

7. Lazarus was sick, so his sisters sent word to Jesus (John 11; The Story, pp. 358-359). In this encounter Jesus declared that He was “the resurrection and the life.” What was Jesus claiming about Himself and why did His claim matter at that time and today? 

8. Jesus is the Savior, Messiah, and Lamb of God. He came to live a sinless life, die on the cross in our place, and rise again in glory to break the power of sin and death. How does the truth of His identity clarify your life purpose and direction?