Session 2 Discussion Guide 

1. Many of the people God called to follow Him had excuses or reasons they thought should exclude them from service. What are some of the common excuses people use today to avoid following God’s leading? 

2. When God called Abram to follow Him, there was a clear sense of partnership. Look at Genesis 12:1-5 or The Story page 13. What was God’s part and what was Abram’s part in this covenant? 

3. Tell of an older person in your life who has been a model of faith and love for God. How have you seen their life impact your life and the lives of others? 

4. Abraham and Sarah were called to take a step of faith. Have you had a time where you had to step out in faith? What did you do and how did it turn out? 

5. Sarah tried to help God’s plan by giving her handmaiden to Abraham to bear a child for Sarah. What are some ways that people try to “help” God accomplish His will? 

6. Has there been a time in your life where God was leading you to “wait”, even though you wanted to rush ahead. Why is it so hard to be patient and wait on God’s will for our lives? 

7. Abraham and Sarah chose to follow God by faith and trust in His promises. What can we do to prepare ourselves to be ready if God called us to take a trust-filled step and follow His will? 

8. Abraham took what was most precious to him and surrendered it to God. As a group, make a list of 5 to 10 things that are precious to you. What would it mean for you to offer them to God and trust in His will?