Session 15 Discussion Guide 

1. Tell about a time when you followed a sign and were glad you did, or you ignored a posted sign and suffered for it. 

2. What are some warning signs that God places in our lives as we travel through life? 

3. When Elijah challenged the false prophets of Baal, at one point he turned to the people of Israel and asked, “How long will you waver between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal is god, follow him” (I Kings 18:21; The Story, p. 204). What does it look like today when Christians “waver” by trying to keep one foot in the world while trying to walk with Jesus? 

4. How does a “wavering” lifestyle keep us from really experiencing an intimate friendship with God? 

5. Right after an amazing victory, Elijah faced one of his hardest times both spiritually and emotionally (I Kings 19:1-9; The Story, pp. 206-207). What did Elijah go through (emotionally, physically, and spiritually) and how did God seek to lovingly restore him? 

6. Describe what God was doing in the Upper Story and the Lower Story as you follow Elisha and his servant through the account told in 2 Kings 6:8-23 (The Story, pp. 211-212). Why is it important for us to pray for spiritual eyes that can occasionally get a glimpse of what is happening in the Upper Story? 

7. Through the prophets Amos and Hosea, God pointed out the people’s sin and actions of rebellion (The Story, pp. 213-217). What were some of Israel’s sins and why do you think God was being so severe with them? 

8. It is clear that if God’s people will repent (turn from sin and return to him) God is ready to embrace them with love and grace. How is God still offering this same invitation through Jesus today? 

9. When God’s people followed and obeyed God, they were more joy-filled and fruitful. When they were distracted by other pursuits (including idolatry and complacency) their whole community life went sour. How does your life, including your attitude and general disposition, change when you are not walking closely with God? 

10.What can we do to guard our hearts against complacency and deepen our commitment to study and obey God’s Word?